Bitcoin and Lightning Companies

Slice Bitcoin Logo
Darina Oumanski
Founded in 2022
Raised seed round
London, United Kingdom
  • Browser extension for browsing the web and seeing ads
  • Native-looking ads that pay sats
  • Withdrawals happen on the Lightning Network
Bitcoin Magazine App Logo
David Bailey
Founded in 2020 (Bitcoin Magazine in 2011)
Nashville, TN, United States
  • Read articles and earn sats
  • Large Bitcoin community
  • Lightning withdrawals
Lolli Bitcoin Logo
Alex Adelman
Matt Senter
Founded in 2018
Raised $20.3M
Durham, NC, United States
  • Earn Bitcoin rewards for shopping with a browser extension
  • Supports thousands of stores
  • Withdrawals on the Bitcoin blockchain
sMiles Bitcoin Logo
Igor Berezovsky
Founded in 2020
Raised seed round
Miami, FL, United States
  • Bitcoin rewards app for mobile and web
  • Earn Bitcoin for walking, shopping, surveys, games
  • Withdraw sats with Lightning
Fold App Logo
Will Reeves
Matt Luongo
Corbin Pon
Chris Martin
Founded in 2014
Raised $16.3M
Atlanta, GA, United States
  • Debit card with Bitcoin rewards
  • Buy gift cards and stack sats
  • Withdraw rewards through the Bitcoin blockchain
Bitrefill Logo
Sergej Kotliar
Michael Grunberger
Michel Gustavsson
Patric Stiller
Founded in 2014
Raised $9.4M
Stockholm, Sweden
  • Buy giftcards with Bitcoin in many countries
  • Large amount of available gift cards
  • Lightning Network integration
Desiree Dickerson
Founded in 2019
Raised seed round
London, United Kingdom
  • Play games and earn Bitcoin
  • 5 available games which are fun to play
  • Lightning Network integration
Stacker News Logo
Keyan Kousha
Founded in 2021
Raised $1.25M
Austin, TX, United States
  • Lightning Network community, similar to Reddit
  • Post cool content and get rewarded by the community with sats
  • Reward other creators with sats
Fountain Podcasts Logo
Oscar Merry
Founded in 2022
Raised seed round
Sheffield, United Kingdom
  • Listen to podcasts, earn Bitcoin
  • Podcasters and listeners have can monetize their activity
  • Direct Lightning integration for tips and withdrawals
Sphinx Chat Logo
Paul Itoi
Founded in 2019
Raised seed round
Salt Lake City, UT, United States
  • Decentralized social media
  • Integration of Lightning rewards
  • Lightning tips to creators
Wallet of Satoshi Logo
Daniel Alexiuc
Founded in 2018
Raised seed round
Brisbane, Australia
  • One of the most popular Lightning Wallets
  • Easy to use UI/UX
  • Bitcoin on-chain and Lightning transactions
Simon Cowell
André Neves
Christian Moss
Founded in 2019
Raised $46.5M
Hoboken, NJ, United States
  • Gaming with Bitcoin
  • Play 2 Earn business model
  • Deep Lightning integration
Relai app logo
Julian Liniger
Adem Bilican
Founded in 2019
Raised $7.5M
Zurich, Switzerland
  • Swiss Bitcoin exchange
  • Simple buying and saving Bitcoin app, encourages holding own keys
  • Private services for high volume trades
21bitcoin logo
Daniel Winklhammer
Dominik Seibold
Founded in 2021
Raised €295k
Salzburg, Austria
  • Buy and sell Bitcoin app
  • Bitcoin savings plan feature
  • Bitcoin gift cards feature
Breez logo
Roei Erez
Roy Sheinfeld
Yaacov Akiba Slama
Founded in 2018
Raised $4.5M
Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Non-custodial Bitcoin and Lightning wallet
  • Offers SDK for direct Lightning integrations into apps
  • Other B2B offers enabling companies to manage Bitcoin and Lightning
Voltage Bitcoin logo
Graham Krizek
Founded in 2020
Raised $6M
Wichita, KS, United States
  • Lightning infrastructure for companies
  • Offers node hosting
  • Many customization options for Lightning services
Impervious Browser Logo
Chase Perkins
Founded in 2021
Raised seed round
Newport Beach, CA, United States
  • Browser with deep Lightning integration
  • Lightning micropayments used throughout browser
  • P2P tools such as messaging and doc editing
Apollo Sats logo
Julian Fahrer
Thomas Fahrer
Sahil Kaura
Founded in 2022
Chico, CA, United States
  • Review products you actually use
  • Discover other credible reviews
  • Earn Bitcoin rewards
Orange Pill App logo
Matteo Pellegrini
Founded in 2022
Raised seed round
Los Angeles, CA, United States
  • Stack friends who stack sats
  • Buy a membership on Lightning
  • Find Bitcoin events nearby
Vida Bitcoin Logo
Lyle Pratt
Noah Hayes
Brandon Robinson
Founded in 2022
Austin, TX, United States
  • Monetize your time
  • Creators get paid to chat with fans for messages and calls
  • Remove spam by having paid messages, calls, and Lightning powered live stream